Success Stories!

Meet our board of directors

Friends of CV Link is made up of passionate volunteers who advocate for safe and healthy spaces for residents of the Coachella Valley to enjoy. We are a mix of cyclists, runners, and community advocates. Learn more about our amazing Board of Directors below.



Yurema, a native of the eastern Coachella Valley, is an active community member who serves as vice-chair of the Coachella Cultural and Arts Commission and has recently joined the board of Friends of CV Link. With a professional background in public policy and public service, she spends her free time organizing rallies and supporting local political and non-profit campaigns. Yurema's main goal on the board is to foster unity between the western and eastern valley regions while advocating for safe recreational activities for all residents.



Gary is an avid cyclist who has been riding bicycles since the 1970s.  Gary's dedication to promoting cycling led him to serve as a board member for the Coachella Valley Community Trails Alliance and later contribute to the transition to Friends of CV Link. Additionally, he is involved in various organizations, including CVAG's Citizens Advisory Group, the CVAG Trails Management Sub-Committee, and the Desert Trails Coalition. Beyond his passion for cycling, Gary has a rich background as a retired American Airlines Captain and a former USAF pilot in Vietnam. He currently resides in Rancho Mirage with his family.

Lauri Aylaian


Lauri discovered the world of triathlons in her hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.  After relocating to the Coachella Valley, she was pleasantly surprised to find opportunities for running, walking, cycling, and hiking even in the scorching summer months. With a diverse professional background in both public and private sectors, including construction management, she retired as the Palm Desert City Manager after 20 years of service. While Lauri admits to dedicating an excessive amount of time to her athletic pursuits, she also volunteers at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, resisting the urge to adopt every animal she encounters there.



Ernie, who spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest, moved to the Coachella Valley to retire in 2010. With a professional background as Controller of University Volkswagen Audi in Seattle, he retired after a 25-year career. Since retiring, Ernie rediscovered his passion for biking and was thrilled about the idea of a 50-mile car-free trail called CV/Link between Desert Hot Springs and the Salton Sea. He believes that supporting this project aligns with the future shift of tourism in the Coachella Valley towards more environmentally-friendly activities like biking, walking, hiking, and running, as well as the revitalization of the Salton Sea.

Gary Brustin

Member at Large

Gary is a long-time cyclist who has upgraded his equipment over the years, now riding a custom Calfee with Campy Record. He turned his passion for cycling into a specialized law practice, exclusively handling over 1,000 bicycle cases. Additionally, he has proudly co-sponsored numerous events and teams. Two examples are the Tour de Palm Sprints and the Race Across America. In his spare time, he acts as a volunteer attorney for various bike organizations. Additionally, he is actively involved in bicycle advocacy, serving on the boards of various organizations and establishing the National Legal Affairs Committee for the League of American Bicyclists. He has a local office in Palm Springs and can be contacted at

Jerry alcorn

Member at Large

Jerry Alcorn, owner of Alcorn Adaptive has been a Coachella Valley resident since the early 1990s. After experiencing a traumatic spinal cord injury resulting in partial paraplegia of his lower legs he was forced to redirect his passion for construction toward his own physical recovery. During his journey to recovery, he discovered a passion for hand cycling. He also discovered during this time that it was difficult to find businesses that were able to cater to his specific needs for adaptive equipment and most often he had to build and modify his own equipment. Alcorn Adaptive was born out of his desire to help others and provide them with hope and a positive message about staying active. He says “Life Gives You Lemons So Make Lemonade."

Job Huerta

Member at Large

Job Huerta is an accomplished professional dedicated to community engagement and strategic operations. He's had a significant impact in Southern California, fostering connections between constituents and communities, promoting social initiatives, and improving community well-being. As the Director of Operations at DeAztlan Consulting, Job has successfully implemented large-scale data-driven outreach programs by collaborating with local municipalities and government officials. With a deep understanding of the needs of the Coachella Valley, Job actively participates in local running and wellness clubs, like We Do Hard Things and the official Run with Los Muertos Running Team; emphasizing his commitment to creating safe wellness spaces in the Eastern Coachella Valley through initiatives like the CV Link.

Anthony M. Tristan

Member at Large

Anthony's passion for bikes began at the age of 10 when he became a BMX racer. Though he now rides road bikes and collects vintage BMX bikes, he has also explored various cities like Berkeley and Anaheim, using bikes as a means of transportation and leisure. As an educator for 15 years, Anthony has taught English, Art, and currently coaches high school football, while pursuing a career in nonprofit management with his MPA degree from USC. Alongside his commitment to staying active through cycling, skateboarding, and weightlifting, he values the importance of a safe valley-wide path like the CV Link trail to accommodate the increased auto congestion and speeding cars in the Coachella Valley.

Jim Rothblatt

Member at Large

Jim's love for cycling began at the age of seven when he had his first bike ride on a neighbor's new bike. He cherished the freedom it offered and later received his own English road bike, which he rode extensively until he obtained his driver's permit. Throughout his life, Jim continued to embrace cycling, commuting to work and school, and upgrading his bikes. Currently riding a Trek 1600, he passionately advocates for safe cycling in the Coachella Valley through his blog and finds immense joy in cycling through the desert compared to long drives in a car.